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We will be accepting new residents when we complete the remodel of our facility.

Doing What’s Needed

Our program is a Christian based long-term residential service for those seeking freedom both spiritually and physically from addiction. The perspective resident is expected to commit to a one year long program.

Our facility houses up to eight individuals, each having their own room, and is provided at no cost to the resident. Because we are a small provider, we ask you weigh seriously your commitment to our program and all rules and regulations.

We are not a medical facility; there is no doctor or nurse on staff. If detoxification service is necessary, the resident will be responsible for seeking this at another facility before joining us. Any needs such as psychological or medical services are the responsibility of the resident.

If you would like to investigate our services further, please review carefully our Rules & Regulations and the Resident Application via the links on this page.  Should you feel this is something you would like to pursue, please complete an application and send it to us for consideration.

Join us in making a real difference.


Resident Rules and Regulations