Frequently Asked Questions

What is The God Samaritan Colony?

GSC is an organization started by several men dedicated  to the Word of God who saw a need to help others in addiction.  Begun as a halfway house, it is now a long-term residential facility for men. The foundation of GSC is the belief that the acceptance of Christ is the answer to all problems, including addiction.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your clothes for work and your best for church and any prescribed medications you may be taking.  The Colony provides all linens and towels. Your clothes should have not have any pictures or symbols contrary to a Christian lifestyle.

What should I not bring?

No over the counter medication or toiletries that contain any banned substances (e.g. alcohol) or inappropriate clothing, Also, someone will need to bring you to the facility as you cannot bring a vehicle.  No media devices (radios, computer, tablets, etc) unless you have headphones.  We also suggest you leave any valuables at home, such as jewelry.

What work is required during my stay?

Some of the examples of work requirements include cutting grass and shrubs, gardening, and cleaning the facility with other residents. Work is a vital part of our program for a structured and disciplined new life.

Where are you located?

Our facility is located between Mt. Croghan and Ruby, SC in the country.  Please see our Contact & Location

 page in the main menu.

Does a resident have to pay anything to be accepted into your program?

No. Our services are provided free of charge.  However, you are required to work while you are here and to participate in all activities we offer.

What does the Colony offer to help with addiction?

Group & individual counseling in Jesus Christ the Savior as the solution to all problems, including addiction.  Daily work assignments to strengthen work ethic and to provide structure to your life. Other individual services as needed per person.

For more information, please see our Rules & Regulations and our Application on Our Program page