About Us

The Good Samaritan Colony Welcomes You


The Good Samaritan Colony’s mission is to reach men who have walked paths that have led them to substance abuse.  The Colony believes that faith in,  and acceptance of,  Jesus Christ is the only way to truly overcome and be set free from substance abuse. By providing the structure and order of a Christian lifestyle, men are given the opportunity to pursue a new life in Christ.


The Colony

A Bit of Background

In 1978, the Good Samaritan Colony began as a half-way house for men struggling with substance abuse.  In 1990,  the Board of Directors hired Dr. Richard Gardner to be the Chief Executive Officer and, with the Board, decided to transform the Colony into a long term male residential substance abuse center.  Services are extended to men locally and across the country.   That same year, a brick building was erected on 65 acres purchased by the organization.  This property continues to be the ministry’s current location.