The Good Samaritan Colony is a faith-based substance abuse residential treatment center for men located in Ruby, South Carolina.  Because we are faith-based, we receive no state supported or federal funding.  Our funding is provided through donations from individuals, churches, associations, grants and etc. We have been in operation since 1978 and were completely renovated in 2018.  We have 8 single occupancy resident rooms for our men.

Our program is a 365 day (one complete year) long treatment program.  Our program is a combination of individual and group counseling, intensive Bible Studies, church interactions and a work study program on our campus.  Our men do not receive any money for the work they do while as a resident but upon their successful graduation from treatment, they will receive a check for 5% of the profits from our on-site high-end cabinet shop.  This is an incentive to be able to help with housing, utility deposits and etc. upon their graduation.  Over the years, many individuals have returned to active use because they did not have anywhere to live or the means to provide for themselves.  It is the desire of The Colony to equip a man for success upon his graduation with work skills, people skills and the means to reestablish life for themselves.

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